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I’m Victoria Mora

This is my favorite photo, with Pepe 😉

My mission:

Put my experience and knowledge at the service of others. Contribute to the promotion of ecology, equality and animal welfare.

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My blog is a vindication of self-esteem, self-love, authenticity, to value our creative side, which makes us unique.




I’m dedicated to personal and professional guidance, and entrepreneurship. In the personal orientation I include art therapy tools when the situation requires it.

I am sure that happiness precedes success, and not the other way around.

Passionate about people, animals, nature, philosophy and literature, dance and music … I’m enthusiastic, curious and affectionate. Also, I’m highly sensitive. This trait has made it difficult for me to manage my emotions and my energy at many times.

Philosophy, psychology, coaching and art helped me better manage this characteristic and improve my physical and emotional health. Until then, I had lived with my back to what I really needed. Throughout my evolution, fostering my own creativity has been key.

My story

After 5 years of struggle against a hematological disease, all the treatments failed. I finally received a bone marrow transplant that was followed by 2 more complicated years with autoimmune problems. In my first long hospital stay, I promised myself that, if life gave me a second chance, I’d live true to my nature and dedicate myself to helping others with whatever means I could. Also, that I’d contribute as much as possible to the causes in which I believe: social equality, ecology and animal welfare.

When I received my diagnosis I was a Philosophy teacher. I previously held the position of Quality Manager, working as an agricultural engineer in a multinational food industry. I had turned towards teaching in a process of searching for a greater personal meaning of my profession and of adapting the characteristics of my work to my health requirements.

Due to family problems, I had to combine my studies from high school with work. Before my employment in engineering I worked as a clerk and waitress. This has given me a broad vision of the different economic sectors and professional positions. I fully understand the most suitable profiles for each type of job.

The illness forced me to quit teaching and endure long periods of isolation. I took advantage of these moments to train myself in everything that had helped me face adversity. I could no longer be in front of a classroom, but I could help individuals or in a small group to people who are going through difficulties.

I’ve managed to live a coherent life with who I truly am. My well-being has improved, and I am very grateful for it and for the people who have trusted me. The only ambition I have left is to enjoy my journey to the fullest and to continue helping others to achieve the same.

I wake up every day with the hope of helping other people progress towards a better life. What I’ve lived and learned (sometimes the hard way) now makes perfect sense. My life has been immensely enriched with those who have helped me in this process, with my clients and my collaborators.

“Riches give more brightness when we distribute it than when we keep it. Greed makes us hateful, and prodigality -illustrious”.

Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, c. 524


My training & experience

Master in Gestalt Psychology and CounselingBachelor of Humanities, extraordinary award from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters – Coach focused on individual strengths, by Gallup – Technician in career guidance. Superior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention – Art Therapist and Dance Therapist.

I present myself on the internet through a personal blog and not as a “serious” professional because I want to convey to you the value of being true to your nature. Here I not only share reflections, but also difficult moments for me personally and professionally. I do it with the motivation that you see that you are not the only one who may feel insecure, overwhelmed, stuck or confused. I have gone through similar situations to which you may find yourself right now if you have come this far in your reading.

I’d like to convey to you that your past does not determine your future.

Give yourself the value you have. Lose the fear of being genuine: that is precisely what will give you the energy you need, what will give you strength when the winds blow against you, what empowers you and opens up ways of improvement, new possibilities for transform your life.





My help is based on the MENTORING model. I start from the premise that we better understand what we have experienced up close, in the first person or in our family environment. I advise and accompany you on paths that I have already traveled. I help you solve problems that I have already solved.

I have designed my services taking into account the information, tools and support that I myself would have liked to have many years ago.

In my work I integrate the following knowledge:

  • Practical Philosophy.
  • Gestalt Psychology and Counselling.
  • Personal and business Coaching.
  • Art therapy.

I apply these tools to a greater or lesser extent according to the profile of my client and the problem that we want to solve at all times.

Deep reflection is necessary, that is why practical philosophy is essential. However, there are times when it is not enough. Our mind may have become our worst enemy. It is then when the use of our most creative part can be of great help. Its activation allows us to think more clearly and act with greater confidence. Coaching helps you go beyond reflection and analysis, to set goals, take action, and stay motivated on your way to improvement.

In this process, that we establish a relationship of mutual trust is key.


“Trust yourself, but also trust others”

This is my motto.


That’s why I call “Con-Fi-Arte” my custom help methodology. It is a play on words that transmits this idea of ​​the power of trust, taking advantage of the initials of Science, Philosophy and Art in Spanish (Ciencia, Filosofía, Arte), my work tools. Confiarte means “trust and relax” in Spanish.

I don’t believe in universal solutions. Although essentially we are all similar, each person has different needs due to their particular worldview, which also evolves.

I want to encourage and support you to find your best personal path, the one that allows you to be more authentic and, therefore, leads you to a more serene and satisfying life.

I have developed some structured work plans, my standard services. Although you don’t necessarily have to adjust to them.

Don’t resign yourself to living a life that you don’t like: wherever you are, there is always room for improvement. Wherever you start from.


Tell me who you are and what you need. Together we will develop a plan.